As we enter the 100th anniversary of the year that World War I began, Frank Pleszak has shared with us an overview video of a World War I battle that you probably won’t have heard of, the Battle of Lake Narocz (or the Battle of Lake Naroch).


The video below shares the story of the Battle of Lake Narocz, a battle in which a large Russian force faced a much smaller German-force in present-day Belarus. The video shares the story and outcome of this huge battle. And the video is even silent – so you can choose the music to go over the top of it from your personal collection!

An overview of the little known Russian offensive in which the Russians outnumbered their German opponents 4 to 1. But in diabolical conditions and with inept leadership and poor planning, did the unthinkable happen?

Frank Pleszak is the author of Two Years in a Gulag, available here: Amazon US | Amazon UK


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