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Firstly, here is an overview...

We’re a site that creates a variety of exclusive modern international and American history content! We create free history audio podcasts as part of History in 28-minutes, a magazine called History is Now, and books as part of Required History. Our works explain some of history's most important events concisely and quickly.

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We've created podcast series on the Cold Warthe American Revolution and the Spanish Civil War among others to date. We've also released short books to go with these series. And our latest project is History is Now magazine! Oh and our blog is expanding all the time too so take a look at it!

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History is Now Magazine

Here is what you can expect when you read History is Now magazine...

History is Now magazine brings you some of the best articles on topics in International and American Modern History. The focus of the magazine is on the 19th century, 20th century, Colonialism, Communism, and civil war. This selection of topics allows us to bring you great writing from a range of people who have a deep knowledge and passion for modern history. In addition, each magazine will feature a history audio podcast, as well as other interactive content, such as videos and links to even more great history articles. We just hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as we enjoy creating it! 

The magazine is available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices - and comes with a free trial of up to two months. Click here for the most up-to-date information on the magazine!


And the blog...

The blog is the perfect complement to the magazine. The articles in the blog are normally notably shorter than those in the magazine and there is not as much interactive content; however, we typically post at least four times a week to the blog. This means that you can get access to great written articles about fascinating topics in history on a regular basis in between new issues of the magazine.


History Audio Podcasts

How we make our history audio podcasts

To prepare our 28-minute history audio podcasts we read or re-read books, watch television programs, and even scour the internet. Then we sit down and discuss how we think the podcasts should be written. Then we outline, write, record and edit them. It’s a lot of work so we hope you enjoy the end product!


A bit more about our history audio podcasts

Of course, our history podcasts do not go into great amounts detail – 28-minutes does not allow this. We want them to be short enough so that you can remember the key events and so that you can listen to them in one go. We will do our best to tell you the key points of major events in 28-minutes and so allow you to very quickly learn what it would take weeks if reading a book. We also try to look at major events in a different way so giving you a new perspective and information on the topics we discuss.

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How to listen to our history audio podcasts

What we also want you to do is to think about what in the 28-minutes that you listen to really interests you. An objective of ours is to get your shoots of curiosity going. We want you to hear something in one line of a podcast that sounds interesting to you and then go off and research it, read books on it. So if there’s a particular occurrence or event that we discuss that fascinates you, find out about it! Then you can tell others and we can all learn more about the past. In order to help with this, we provide a bibliography of books on this site that relate to each podcast.


Who are our history audio podcasts for?

The truth is that we spent a long time thinking about exactly how we would make the podcasts and after searching the internet, we found very little that would explain history’s major events simply and quickly. And from our personal experience, we know that many people want those type of podcasts. So who is it for? Well, everybody who has an interest in history. Whether you don’t know much about history or are an expert, we think that you will all learn and enjoy our podcasts. The simple, passionate delivery of George Levrier-Jones will allow everybody to learn and inspire you to go out and discover more about history and our world.


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About us

The start – how the site was born

We’re a group of friends, amateur historians, who have always been fascinated by and passionate about history. The lessons you can learn from it, the events that happened, the differences between different ages and countries. Understanding where we as human beings have come from. Between us we have discussed and shared knowledge of a wide variety of historical events over the years. Then one fine day an enlightened one of us had an epiphany - the idea of making history podcasts. Everybody liked the idea so the 28-minute history audio podcast was born.

The vision – what we want our works to achieve

Our vision is to make you more aware about the events of the past and to allow you to simply understand complex events. It is for this reason that we have decided to create 28-minute audio podcasts on topics that we could have done twelve hours of recordings on. Equally, all our individual articles in the blog and magazine and readable in under 30 minutes.

We also hope that through our works you will learn from the successes and failures of the past and so help to ensure that only the successes are repeated in the future.


Last but not least...

What about the 'Required History' books?

The aim of the Required History book series is to create approachable, succinct written introductions to some of the most interesting topics in history. They are designed for those:

  • That want to quickly learn about some of the world’s major historical events
  • Studying history. The books act as a perfect complement and overview to those undertaking high school and introductory college courses in history
  • Who enjoyed the audio podcasts and want to further their knowledge
  • Learning English. The language and level of detail in the books are perfect for those in advanced English classes

All of the Required History books are published by www.historyisnowmagazine.com press. They provide an extra layer of detail to the major historical events that some of the audio podcasts cover.

The idea for the Required History series came to us after we received some comments from listeners about the podcasts wondering if we could recommend any books that could provide slightly more detailed introductions to the topics we discuss in the podcast. So we thought that we would use the knowledge that we learned while developing the podcasts to write books. And voila! The books were born...


Partners & Links

Welcome to our partners and links section The purpose of this section is to tell you about:

  • The pages whose content we syndicate
  • The pages of people who write for us
  • Some other sites that we really like


We will fill this section out more and more over time; meanwhile, if you have any site suggestions or would like your site to be included, do get in touch - click here to find out how!


Partners & Links

  • Preply - https://preply.com/en/skype/english-tutors - an international educational web portal. Preply is a big platform for teachers, pupils and people willing to receive qualified help in learningof any subject. Preply gives the possibility to get remote studies via Skype and local lessons
  • Cold War Warrior - www.coldwarwarrior.com - A site on the men and women from all the cold wars who worked so hard for something they believed in and played so hard they forgot the pain
  • Cold War Studies - www.coldwarstudies.com - A blog about Cold War politics and history that has a particular focus on Cuba and the Middle East
  • Explaining History - www.explaininghistory.com - A site on 20th century history, with a wide selection of ebooks
  • International History Blog - www.intlhistory.blogspot.com - A blog devoted to various topics in international history that's hoping to make the world slightly less ignorant, one post at a time  
  • History Kicks Ass! - www.historykicksass.wordpress.com - A varied history blog by a Montreal-area College history teacher
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