Our image of the week is of a stunning castle in Scotland.


Castles have been built in Scotland for well over one-thousand years, and they can be split into five key phases of styles and purposes, going all the way back to the mid-first millennium AD. As noted in the new issue of History is Now magazine:

Scotland was dominated by hill forts perched like eagles atop rocky promontories, the most dramatic example being the fortress of Dunnottar near Aberdeen, and by the enigmatic stone towers known as brochs, found only in Scotland.

The image above is of the stunning Eilean Donan castle, perched next to a location where three lochs meet in the Western Highlands of Scotland. It is one of the most famous of Scotland’s many castles due to its dramatic location and interesting look. As we also note in the magazine:

Scotland’s most picturesque castles, such as Duart on the Isle of Mull or the world famous Eilean Donan, were crumbling ruins until their restoration in the 1910s. Indeed, castles remain very important for Scottish heritage and identity, not to mention tourism.


The image source is David Iliff. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0. Available here.



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