A mysterious ancient site in Colombia, the Archaeological Park of San Agustin, is our image of the week.


Following our look at the Mogao Caves last week, this week we are going way back into the past again.

This time our image dips into the pre-Hispanic past and takes us to the Archaeological Park in San Agustin, Huila, Colombia. The site features many fantastic stone-carved statues of varying sizes and styles – a fascinating place to explore.

The stones themselves are the subject of much debate. They are known to be ancient, but their exact purpose is a matter of debate. What do you think?

20140123 statue_san_agustin.jpg

Our image features a main stone with a man with prominent teeth and what appears to be a chain with a skull face at the end of it. The leader of this group, surely? Either side of the stone are figures, who, to my mind, are protecting the main statue. Two of the figures have what appear to be some sort of clubs. Unless… Could they be related to a religious practice?


The mystery continues…


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George Levrier-Jones