On the fiftieth anniversary of the day that John F Kennedy was shot, it seemed fitting that our image of the week looks at that event.


John F Kennedy was possibly the most charismatic President of the 20th century. His oratory skills can still provoke shivers down our spines today. His sense of style is timeless. But, he came to be known for the most tragic of reasons.

Having been inaugurated as President at the tender age of 43, he would leave us on November 22, 1963 after being shot in Dallas, Texas.

The first image below shows JFK with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy before the motorcade that they were traveling in that day left.

20131122 Waiting for motorcade to begin.jpg

The second image shows JFK smiling at the crowds. Soon after, he was fatally shot.

20131122 JFK day he was shot.jpg

Our final image shows the outcome of that day. The funeral of JFK on November 25, 1963.

20131122 funeral.jpg

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George Levrier-Jones

AuthorGeorge Levrier-Jones