What happened to freed slaves after they were liberated in Southern America?

Our lead story in the new edition of History is Now looks at how they overcame prejudice and got their voices heard in a most traditional fashion.

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So what is this edition about? Here is what our editor says…

Since our last issue, we’ve been busy developing some great articles. And the result? A more varied, more interactive magazine. Here’s what we have for you this month…

Our cover story is a fascinating look at how oral culture, the use of words, helped largely illiterate, freed slaves in 1860s America become more politically aware and assert their rights. This article also features some great sketches from the time. A second intriguing article that we have for you is about the links that Communists developed with the African-American community in Harlem, while on a different note, we look at the difficult and daring world of female Victorian mountaineers in the Alps.

We’ve also created articles on some major battles. In particular, on its 200th anniversary, we look at the Battle of the Nive, a key battle in the Peninsular War. And as we approach its 70th anniversary, we tell the story of the Battle of Monte Cassino. We’re particularly excited by this article as we really start to make use of digital features. In the article, we mix written text with embedded video interviews from Polish veterans of the battle. And finally, we again make great use of the digital format in our first ever interactive essay, an essay that features an introductory text alongside images and video so giving you a more 21st century magazine experience. And what’s the essay about? Well, to get you in the festive spirit, it’s on the great World War I Christmas Truce.

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George Levrier-Jones


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