One of the best and worst of America’s Presidents is the subject of today’s podcast.

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Following our look at Charles de Gaulle, this week we are looking at a very different man, a man who started his political career as an arch anti-Communist and who is remembered for many of the wrong things. But in fact, he played a crucial and constructive role in the Cold War during the Détente years, most notably for his dealings with China. In this episode, we look at Richard M Nixon’s wider life and times.

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We're very excited to bring  you 'Are we Friends or Enemies?', episode 7 of's series on the Cold War.

Episode 7 Leonid_Brezhnev_and_Richard_Nixon_talks_in_1973_cropped.JPG

We look at the ever-evolving Cold War relationships between the Great Powers during the 1960s and 1970s, the detente period. We shall see how relations changed between the USSR and the USA after the Cuban missile crisis. Then we’ll discuss the events that led to the USSR and China fighting each other. And we’ll also look at change in the Eastern bloc and a historic meeting between the US and China.

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