Our image of the week has an amazing photo of the French Resistance from 1944.


We’ve had a few articles on the Nazis this week on the site, so thought that we would continue that theme with a twist.

20140221 french-resistance-1944.jpg

The French Resistance consisted of those men and women who fought against the Nazis and the Vichy French regime during World War II. They were a disparate group and came from different backgrounds and believed in divergent political ideologies. Their shared vision, though, was to remove the Nazis from French soil. They undertook guerilla operations, published anti-Nazi materials and sabotaged operations to try to undermine their occupiers following the 1940 German invasion of France.

Our image shows three members of the Resistance engaged in a battle against the Nazis in 1944. We see a man in makeshift army fatigues to the left and a young man on the right. Then, most strikingly, we see a woman in shorts, a patterned top, and a military hat in the center. Surely all were less equipped than the Nazis soldiers they were facing, but we can only speculate on that…


What else do we have for you? Well, here is an article from earlier this week on Nazi art thefts.

George Levrier-Jones

AuthorGeorge Levrier-Jones